slip1 [ slıp ] verb ***
1. ) intransitive if you slip, your feet slide accidentally and you lose your balance or fall over:
Margaret slipped and broke her arm.
slip on: Be careful you don't slip on the wet floor.
a ) intransitive if something that is moving around slips, it fails to stay firmly on a surface:
The truck's wheels were slipping and spinning in the mud.
b ) intransitive if something you are holding or wearing slips, it falls from your hands, or falls from position:
The knife slipped and cut my finger.
slip out of: The ball slipped out of my hands as I tried to catch it.
slip off: Tighten the straps so they won't slip off your shoulders.
c ) transitive to become free or no longer held by something:
The boat slipped its moorings and started to drift.
2. ) intransitive to go somewhere, especially quickly and quietly without people noticing you or stopping you:
slip into/out of/through etc.: Several people managed to slip past the guards and into the concert.
Sarah slipped into the room and carefully shut the door.
3. ) transitive to slide something into a place or position:
slip something into/around/under etc. something: I'll slip the letter under your door.
John slipped his arm around his wife's waist.
a ) to put something somewhere or give something to someone quickly and quietly so that other people do not see what you are doing:
Michael slipped the bar of candy into his pocket.
slip someone something: If you slip him some cash he'll get you good seats.
4. ) intransitive to become gradually less strong or good or move into a worse condition:
Support for the death penalty has been slipping.
Profits slipped by 13 percent last year.
Standards have been slipping over the years.
a ) someone is slipping HUMOROUS if someone is slipping, they are becoming less good at doing something:
I beat you again, George. You must be slipping!
let (it) slip
to tell someone something secret by mistake:
She let slip something very interesting.
He let it slip that they intended to move to Canada.
someone's mask/demeanor slips
if your MASK or DEMEANOR slips, people start to see what you are really thinking or feeling:
Of course, she said quickly, her professional mask never slipping.
Glyn's calm demeanor seemed to be slipping.
slip (out of) your mind/memory
if something slips your mind/memory, you forget to do it:
How could she have let something so important slip her mind?
slip through your fingers
if something such as a chance, opportunity, or prize slips through your fingers, you fail to get it or take advantage of it:
let something slip through your fingers: You mustn't let an opportunity like this slip through your fingers.
This prestigious award has slipped through their fingers yet again.
slip through the net/cracks
to fail to be caught or protected by the system that was intended to catch or protect you:
A lot of poor people are slipping through the net because they don't know what they're entitled to.
,slip a`way phrasal verb intransitive
1. ) to leave secretly:
We managed to slip away early.
2. ) if something such as power or an opportunity slips away, you stop having it:
Organizers felt support for the project slowly slipping away.
,slip `by phrasal verb intransitive
if time or an opportunity slips by, it passes and you fail to use it or gain an advantage from it:
I had the chance to switch jobs, but I let it slip by.
,slip `in phrasal verb transitive
if you slip in a remark, you make sure that you say it in a conversation in a way that is not too obvious:
He managed to slip in a few comments about his rich father.
,slip `into phrasal verb transitive
1. ) slip into something to quickly put on a piece of clothing:
Give me a moment to slip into something more comfortable.
2. ) slip into something to gradually start to be in a bad state or situation:
She felt herself slip into unconsciousness.
The country is slipping into recession.
3. ) slip something into something if you slip a remark into a conversation, speech, etc., you make sure that you say it in a way that is not too obvious
,slip `off phrasal verb transitive
to take a piece of clothing off quickly:
Slip your shirt off and I'll listen to your heart.
,slip `on phrasal verb transitive
to put clothes on:
Ann slipped the jacket on to see what it looked like.
,slip `out phrasal verb intransitive
if something, especially a secret, slips out, you say it without intending to:
I know you asked me not to tell him, but it just slipped out.
,slip `out of phrasal verb transitive
slip out of something to take clothes off:
I'm going to slip out of this uniform as soon as we get home.
,slip `up phrasal verb intransitive INFORMAL
to make a careless mistake
slip 2 [ slıp ] noun **
▸ 1 small piece of paper
▸ 2 slight mistake
▸ 3 sliding/falling
▸ 4 piece of clothing
▸ 5 liquid clay
▸ 6 in cricket
1. ) count a small piece of paper, especially one used for notes:
I left the message for you on a slip of paper.
a ) a piece of paper used for a particular purpose:
a voting slip
a betting slip
2. ) count a slight mistake, especially a careless one:
Tom played the piece well, despite a few slips at the beginning.
a ) a slip of the tongue something you say when you intended to say something else
b ) a slip of the pen something you write when you intended to write something else
3. ) count the action of sliding or falling
a ) a small change from a higher level to a lower one:
slip in: a slip in the price of technology stocks
4. ) count a piece of women's underwear consisting of a loose skirt or dress with no sleeves
5. ) uncount liquid clay used in making POTS
6. ) count usually plural in the game of CRICKET, a place near the BATSMAN where players stand when they are trying to catch the ball
give someone the slip INFORMAL
to escape from someone who is following or chasing you
a slip of a boy/girl INFORMAL OLD-FASHIONED
a small thin boy/girl

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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